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2001 GVM Aerial View

Our Story


GVM introduced the X-Series Prowler with a Claas cab, Stage V engine, and a DF250 transmission.

2024 GVM X280 Prowller


GVM celebrates 45 years of business and introduces the HVT T-Series Prowlers featuring a Dana HVT R2 Transmission with continuous variable ratio, electronic joystick control which brings improved fuel economy, controllability, and reliable performance to the T-Series Prowler platform.

GVM introduces the Mako 445 & 455 featuring a 135 hp Stage V Cummins engine and redesigned cab with Patchworks Stealth system.



GVM introduces the Double Duty Series line featuring Standard Rotation and Reverse Rotation spreaders.

Double Duty TR4 Spreader


GVM introduces Double Duty Air spreader at the National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville, KY. This is the first time an air spreader is offered as a factory option on a Prowler chassis.

GVM introduces the T325 Prowler chassis with a Stage 5 interim engine.

GVM Double Duty Air Spreader


GVM wins the AE50 award for the Double Duty Twin Chain for most innovative product of 2018.

GVM Double Duty Twin Chain


GVM celebrates 40 years of business.

GVM introduces the newest iteration of the Prowler, the T380 with a Tier IV final engine.

GVM introduces the Double Duty Twin Chain spreader which allows four sections swath control for granular fertilizer.

2017 GVM T380 Prowler


GVM introduces the Mako, a small self-propelled, high-clearance, 400 gallon sprayer and the adjustable axle Prowler.

GVM Mako 440 in corn


GVM AgJunction was acquired by Hemisphere GPS and Mark Anderson joined the Hemisphere GPS Board of Directors. Hemisphere later renamed the company AgJunction.

GVM manufacturing splits from distribution and moves to East Berlin, PA. GVM’s locations in IN, OH, and PA begin to operate as Independent Ag Equipment as distributors of multiple equipment lines and as separate entities from GVM Inc. 

Independent Ag Distribution


GVM introduces the E-Series Prowler in three models. Built off of the success of the E350, the E-Series was available in varying drive trains to suit each customer’s specific need.

2011 GVM E-Series Prowler


GVM again won the Show Stopper Award, this time, for the E350 Prowler with AgriWAVE.

GVM introduces the E350 Prowler with AgriWAVE. The E350 boasted 32 inches of crop clearance, 11 ton dry and 1800 gallon liquid capacities, a Variable Coil Spring Suspension, new cab featuring 360 degree visibility, 350 horsepower engine, an electronic monitoring system and AgriWAVE. AgriWAVE allowed the customer to view machine position, engine and transmission data and flow control, while also allowing GVM service to remotely dial into the machine for troubleshooting. The E350 Prowler was the first machine in the industry to feature this kind of technology.

E350 Prowler Sprayer


GVM introduces the new 8275 Predator combo unit with better weight distribution and a Cummins Tier III engine, offered in two different models. GVM is the first to offer on demand, Front Wheel Assist in this applicator class.

GVM decided to debut the Stars and Stripes Predator at the 2008 MidWest Ag Industries Expo, where they received the Show Stopper Award.

GVM introduced GVM AgJunction, their premier precision agriculture software.

2008 GVM 6215 and 8275 Predator


An important year, GVM celebrated their 30th year in business and introduced the 9275 Prowler model, which quickly became a best seller, featuring multiple upgrades including a Tier III engine with a 10-speed transmission.

GVM opens a service facility in Wabash, Indiana, which later moves to Peru, IN as a dealer and service facility.

2007 GVM 9275 Prowler


GVM reintroduces the Predator as a combo unit and adds a high flow pump system.

GVM purchased Snow Equipment Sales, Inc. of Dayton, Ohio, which allowed GVM to enter the snow and ice market. Snow Equipment Sales later became GVM Snow Equipment

2005 GVM Manufactured Product Line


GVM launched the Predator. The Predator was GVM’s first high clearance, mechanically driven sprayer built rugged to support the custom application market.

2002 GVM Predator Sprayer


GVM introduces the largest post sprayer on the market, the Prowler combo unit, with up to a 1500 gallon liquid system and a 9.5 ton Double Duty spreader.

2000 GVM Prowler Sprayer


GVM introduced the Row-Cat Combination Liquid-Dry System. The was the first piece of large custom application equipment with a quick-change package so that one chassis could be used for flotation, row crops and pre and post emergence. This version also featured larger 1150 gallon and 8 to 11 ton capacities.

1998 GVM Row-Cat Combo


GVM celebrates its 20th anniversary in business and of continued growth.

GVM introduces their first-ever, self-propelled chassis, the Row-Cat 800-G. This four-wheel drive machine featured a mechanical drive train, road speeds of up to 45 miles per hour, a cab forward design, an air ride suspension, 200 horsepower engine, an 800 gallon stainless steel tank and 60 or 80 foot fold over booms. The Row-Cat was designed for pre and postemergence spraying and was the first machine of its kind. It was the first row crop sprayer/spreader combo unit with an easy on, easy off liquid to dry change over in less than one hour.

GVM also introduces the Agri-Cat, their first self-propelled spreader. The Agri-Cat was built much the same as the Row-Cat, with its four-wheel drive mechanical drive train, high road speeds, cab forward design, air ride suspension, 200 horsepower engine and either a five or 10 ton TranSpread bodies.

1997 GVM Agri-Cat and Row-Cat 800-G


GVM West moves to its current location in Bellevue, Ohio.

GVM Inc, Bellevue, Ohio Location


GVM introduces the Computer Spread TranSpread, which allows operators to program their rate per acre, regulate the spinner speed, and program up to nine different jobs at a time. 

The GVM HydraSpray was, for the first time, built as a full floater, on an International chassis.

GVM also opened a location in Kenton, Ohio, establishing GVM West.

1994 GVM Hydra Spray on International Chassis


GVM starts producing the TranSpread pull-type spreader and is still in production today.

Transparency Art


Mark Anderson is named President and Owner.

Mark Anderson in 1989, as he was named President of GVM Inc.


GVM introduced the Hydra Spread, an F-350 4x4 chassis with a Double Duty spreader. The Hydra Spread had a quick-change option to the popular GVM Hydra Spray. This was the first piece of GVM equipment that offered a “quick-change” spreader to sprayer combo unit.

Transparency Art


GVM begins manufacturing the Hydra Spray Pickup Sprayer and the Double Duty Pull Spreader. The Double Duty spreader was called a “breakthrough’ in the fertilizer industry, because of its unmatched spread pattern for both lime and fertilizer. The Double Duty spreader is still in production today and is the most popular spreader choice for a Prowler chassis.

1985 GVM Hydra Spray Pickup Sprayer


GVM manufactured its first self-propelled floater on an International chassis. During the mid-1980’s GVM was also designing and building boom systems, pull sprayers, lawn sprayers for custom application, pick-up truck sprayers, three-point boom sprayers, and semi-flotation sprayers

1984 GVM Self-Propelled Sprayer


A new location in Biglerville, Pennsylvania is opened to manufacture foam markers and sell pumps, tanks, and accessories.


GVM also begins distributing other product lines, including Norwesco, Mobility, and Layco

GVM Manufactured Foam Markers


Jack Anderson, owner of a Pennsylvania fertilizer dealership and farming operation, Andgrow, begins to develop products and equipment for the fertilizer and farming community, establishing GVM Inc.

Jack Anderson introducing Andgrow, a fertilizer company based out of Biglerville, PA
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