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Fabrication and Machining Services

GVM offers a multitude of services for your manufacturing and machining needs.
Manufactured Services Brochure

GVM Inc. is a trusted supplier of quality and reliable farm and deicing equipment and a dependable provider of fabrication and machining services. We strive to meet all your machining needs at our GVM Inc. fabrication facility, the largest fabrication facility in Adams County. And since we’re always looking to add more capabilities and versatility for our customers, in June of 2022 we added a 3-Axis Machining Center to our lineup.

GVM Inc.’s fabrication and machining services are your one-stop shop for all your metalworking and machining needs, whether you need manufactured parts designed, cutting, blasting, painting, metal bending or rolling, plasma cutting, punching, notching, or welding and fabrication services, GVM can do all of this, and more. And if you have a malfunctioning or faulty agricultural machine, our farm equipment repair service will help you get your equipment back up and running as soon as possible.

Whether you need custom fabrication, metal bending services, or farm equipment repair, we can help you bring your vision to life and promptly complete deliverables. Contact our staff to learn more about our fabrication services and get your fabrication or repair order started today.

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