Manufactured Services

Messer MetalMaster EVO Plasma Cutting Table

  • Cut 26 gauge to 3 in. thick plates at up to 6 ft wide x 15 ft long

  • Machine motion accuracy is exceptional

Did you know?

GVM offers a multitude of on-site services for your manufacturing needs. Whether you need Cutting, Blasting, Metal Bending, Metal Rolling, Painting, Plasma Cutting, Punching or Notching, or Welding, GVM can do all of these things and more. Here at GVM we strive to meet all of your manufacturing needs. 

Band Saw Cutting

Marvel Band Saw Cutting

  • 23 in. height and 20 in. depth openings 

  • 60° cut angle in either direction

  • Programmable, auto-feed and bundling capabilities 


Empire Blast Booth

  • Utilizing #80 steel shot for surface preparation

  • Equipped with Donaldson Downflo Oval auto-clean dust collector

Metal Bending

Piranha Hydraulic Press Brake for Metal Bending

  • 250 ton CNC with back gauge

  • 12 ft x ¼ in. capacity

  • 16 in. opening with an 8 in. throat depth and a 125 in. clearance between uprights

Metal Rolling

Roundo Plate Roller for Metal Rolling

  • ¼ in. x 60 in. capacity x 10 in. diameter


GFS Paint Booth

  • Utilizes epoxy primers and urethane paints in any color

  • Kremlin auto-mixing, pressure pot and HVLP spray gun capabilities


Punching and Notching

  • 100-ton capacity

  • Punches from 1/8 in. to 1-3/16 in.

  • 1 in. maximum material thickness

Pipe Threading

Ridgid Pipe Threader

  • ⅛ in. to 2 in. thread cutting capabilities in carbon or stainless steel pipe

  • ⅜ in. to 1 in. rod threading capabilities

Portable Measuring Arm

Romer Absolute Arm 

  • 8 ft measuring window range

  • Quality control tool



  • Certified welding services

  • Capable of welding carbon, stainless steel, and aluminum 

  • Miller Axcess 450 MIG Welder dual feeder

  • Millermatic 350P MIG Welder dual feeder

  • Miller XMT 350 CC/CV Multi-process Welder. Capable of performing MIG, Stick, TIG, and Flux-Cored welding processes. 

  • Lincoln Electric Precision TIG 275 Welder

  • Lincoln Electric Power MIG 256 

  • Hobart 2210 MIG Welder

  • ESAB Migmaster 250 Welder

  • Pro*Weld ARC-656 Stud Welder