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Customer Testimonials

Tim Wild, DDTC
Another Satisfied Customer
GVM Prowler Sprayer

Ag Service Inc. is a family-owned and operated custom application business founded in Eastern Connecticut in 1975 by Randy Blackmer Jr. Today, Randy works alongside his two sons, Mark and Todd Blackmer and nephew Dan Kelly. After the purchase of their very first sprayer in 1992, Ag Services Inc. quickly became a loyal customer of GVM. The company has purchased an array of equipment from GVM including multiple Spra-Coupes, the GVM Prowler 9505T in 2002, Prowler E325NT spreader in 2016, Prowler E325NT sprayer in 2018, and are excited to add the next T325 Prowler to their fleet. 

Blackmer and his family rely on GVM because of the quick and friendly customer service, great parts availability, quality machinery, comfort, and design that GVM products provide. “Before purchasing Prowlers, we had been running AG-Gators, but the Prowler had better road speed, increased visibility, a sleek design, and we’ve liked the quality of the product - that’s why we’ve stuck with Prowlers and GVM,” said Blackmer.

Mark operates the equipment and explains how the Prowler has improved their operation; he claims that the Prowlers make spraying and spreading easier than driving a trailer. The Prowler can reach speeds up to 45 mph allowing them to operate at a higher capacity, completing more work in fewer hours. On average, Ag Services Inc. is spraying 10,000 acres and spreading 14,000 acres of fertilizer for their corn and grass fields. GVM Inc. is Built to Last, and our customers like Mark Blackmer see that in both our equipment and service industry.

This Machine Takes the Stress Right Out of Everything…

Roger O’Leary has been an applicator for Allied Cooperative for the last 18 years and since day one he has been doing it in a GVM Prowler. Allied has been a loyal customer of GVM for nearly 20 years, serving the farming community in 13 different counties across Western and Central Wisconsin with 7 agronomy locations, they need machines they can trust. 

Roger’s first machine was a 2003 1149T Prowler with a GVM Double Duty body, which he refers to as being unstoppable. He has worked with three Prowler models and six different machines over the years from the 1149T to the E370.  Allied recently upgraded to a T380 Prowler with WT-AA, 4WS, and a GVM Double Duty TR4 body. When asked how the T-Series compares, Roger said, “The T380 has everything I need, everything I want it to do, and the ride is just awesome – this machine proves itself. It gets you to the field faster, and maximizes your yield.”

Allied Cooperative's T380 Prowler

With the T380 Prowler, Roger can spread 850 acres, drive 50 miles, spread another 100 acres, drive 50 miles back, and still have daylight left. “This new machine takes the stress right out of everything with the section control, the 4WS, and the power it has.” Roger goes on to say, “Anyone can be an applicator with a T380 and a Double Duty TR4.”

With the ground Allied covers on a yearly basis, not only do you need a dependable machine, but also excellent service. To that, Roger went on to say that anytime there has ever been an issue with one of the machines GVM has always been right on top of it. “Eric was here on a Friday servicing one of our machines, and it was long past when everyone else would have left, but he wasn’t leaving until the machine was fixed and working perfectly. You just don’t find a company like this very often.”

Tim Wild, owner of BWT Farms, is a proud owner of an 11.0T Double Duty Twin Chain on a T380 Prowler chassis. Tim grows rice on his 1,800-acre farm in Louisiana. Additionally, he runs the Prowler for local application and seed companies, totaling around 2,500-3,000 acres a year.
Tim was searching the market for new technology and got in touch with GVM Inc., hoping to eliminate overlap and gain swath control while spreading urea. Since operating the Prowler with the DDTC, Tim says, “the spread pattern is always uniform, with no issues of overlapping.”

Tim’s favorite part about the equipment is, “The simplicity of the DDTC eliminates human error.”

GVM Prowler Spread Pattern 100 ft

One sunny spring morning, I had the pleasure of visiting Mr. Steve Paul, a longtime farmer in central Pennsylvania, and recently, a proud Mako owner and operator. As I neared his farm, it was clear that Steve had some difficult terrain to farm, the land was plagued with small tree-lined fields and steep rolling hills.

Within minutes of meeting Steve, I learned that he not only takes a huge amount of pride in his well-maintained operation but that he is truly committed to best management practices and strives to be the best at what he does. He considers all things and works hard to ensure he is able to maximize his yields by consulting with other professionals, keeping up with the latest technology, and making smart investments in his farm.

Naturally, the first thing I wanted to know was, why he chose the Mako. Steve lightly responded, “Look around, this land is too hilly for hydrostatic spraying, I don’t want to be limited by my sprayer.” He went on to tell me how the Mako was truly the “ideal” machine for him, as it minimized his footprint and crop damage, therefore minimizing his yield loss.

Steve continued, “all you can do as a farm manager is structure your operation to be the most efficient because you can’t change the weather.” He believes in multiple applications, making the Mako, a small, high-speed sprayer, the perfect choice. This year, Steve will make multiple passes over 300 acres of corn, 150 acres of beans, 50 acres of barley, 70 acres of alfalfa, and 50 acres of pasture land with the Mako. 

But Steve wasn’t just pleased with the machine, noting that the sales team at IAE had done a great job at understanding his needs and his operation and then assisted him in selecting a machine that was “perfect for his operation.” He also bragged about the service he received from IAE, specifically, new Service Tech, Justin Mobley, who helped get him up and running as he learned the new Ag Leader system.

Washington County Turf Farms of West Kingston, Rhode Island recently purchased an 8275 Predator to increase the efficiency of their operation. Washington County Turf Farm uses the Predator for both liquid and dry application. About the change-over process, Rick Albr, operator, exclaimed,“The change-over is pretty easy! We can’t do it in less than an hour like you guys can, but with some forklifts and a couple of pallets, we get it done in an hour and a half, no problem.”

GVM is pleased to hear that the Rhode Island turf farm had a great experience with GVM. Rick told us his salesman, Tim Werner, made the trip to Rhode Island when the unit was delivered and spent a few days with him, teaching him how to use both systems and assisting them with their first change-over. Rick commented, “Tim was great to work with and extremely knowledgeable. I know he is always just a phone call away, and will usually get me straightened out over the phone within a matter of minutes.”

Dealing with GVM is like dealing with family. GVM has always been there for me and is a company that will stick with you until the problem is solved. I actually look forward to dealing with GVM.

—Les Hoops, Carolina Eastern Vail, Niverville, New York

I purchased my first GVM applicator this year, and have been extremely happy with the machine and the service I’ve received. Working with GVM was quick, easy and a pleasant experience.

—Steve Beckley, Beckley Farms, Hagerstown, Maryland

GVM for life. I trust GVM to keep me in the field and running. From parts to service to equipment, they’ve always been excellent to work with, and are a company I can always count on.

—John Opper, CPS, Florida, New York

The people at GVM are top-notch; they’re knowledgeable, professional and reliable. I’ve always been pleased with the customer service they’ve provided, whether its equipment or parts, I always get what I need in a timely manner and without any hassle.

—Jeff Creech, Wilson Farm Supply, Wilson, North Carolina

Snow Division Testimonials

"GVM Snow Division is an important partner in our snow fighting team. We have purchased numerous pieces of equipment from them over the years and find all work superbly. We are always looking for ways to work smarter not harder and GVM Snow Equipment comes through for us with quality equipment, top notch training and expert service."

—Bill Van Tol  Grounds Supervisor  Navy Federal Credit Union  Corporate Headquarters 

"We have purchased several different types of GVM snow fighting equipment over the past few years and we are very pleased with their performance, and even more with their customer service and support- knowledgeable, reliable and friendly. GVM staff periodically offer to stop by our location to see how the equipment is performing and they are available for service calls at any time, even in the middle of our emergency winter events. The local rep also is always available to discuss ideas and works with us on special modifications and other items when requested. We look forward to continuing to work with GVM in the future.”

—Jeremy Hassan, Chief Operating Engineer for Sewers and Street Maintenance, Arlington County (VA)

I met the crew from GVM at an APWA Snow Conference a couple of years ago while we were putting together our liquid de-icing program. The staff, Shane Zortman, in particular, was very helpful over the phone and actually made a trip up to the Metrowest Boston area to offer help and advice. In short, GVM ended up winning the bid and came back to get us up and running with a blending station and upgrades to our spray truck. I will continue to call them for any needs in the future.”


—Kevin Collins, General Foreman, Wellesley DPW

“I’ve purchased several pieces of equipment from GVM Snow Equipment over the last few years. All equipment has been top quality and was quickly delivered. Their equipment has been dependable, their staff is very knowledgeable and their customer service has been absolutely exceptional.”

—Bryan Pickworth, DPW Road Maintenance Supervisor, City of Farmington Hills, Michigan

We purchased a brine making system from GVM Snow Equipment after a neighboring community recommended them. We’ve had the system for over three years, and are very satisfied with its simplicity, reliability, and ease of use. The brine making system was a great investment for us; it paid for itself in the first season and allows us to produce brine at a material and labor cost of less than seven cents per gallon. The training provided by GVM was very thorough and beneficial."

—Dan Brisson, Manager of Facilities and Roads, City of Auburn Hills, Michigan

GVM Snow Equipment has a great team of friendly, reliable and knowledgeable salesmen. They truly take care of their customers before, during, and after a sale. Dealing with GVM Snow Equipment is always a pleasure, we are always satisfied with the service we receive and never hesitate to call.

—Tracy Kellums, Superintendent, Sycamore Township, Cincinnati, Ohio

Steve Paul, Mako
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