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Prowler Series Sprayers & Spreaders

Versatility for Every Season with only One Chassis

Whether you choose to combo or not, the Prowler provides more versatility than any other applicator and at the same time, extends your application window. The Prowler’s perfect combination of a near-even weight distribution and an all-mechanical drivetrain lets you start your season when the ground is soft and wet. All four wheels are always driving, the Prowler floats on top of the ground and won't make ruts like heavier hydrostatic or two-wheel drive machines.

As a combo unit, the Prowler will produce more income than any other applicator on the market today and provide more flexibility to your operation, requiring just 30 minutes to switch between applicators. 

Pre-emergence or post-emergence, spraying or spreading…the Prowler does it all.

  • Stage V, Cummins QSL9 325 or 380 hp engine

  • Funk DF250 Electronic Transmission

  • Mechanical, all-wheel drive

  • Auto Steer Ready

  • ISO controls

  • In-cab diagnostic & monitoring system

  • 1600- or 1800-gallon SS tank

  • 12-ton dry capacity

  • Tires for higher clearance & lower compaction

Options Include:

  • Steering:

    • 2 or 4-Wheel Steer

    • 15.5-foot turning radius

    • Crab steering

  • Axles:

    • Dromos planetary with air lock differentials

    • 2WS Meritor axles

    • 99 or 114 in. Fixed Width Axles

    • 93-124 or 116-165 in. Adjustable Axles

  • 11.0T Double Duty: Single or Twin Chain with section control, SS1, SR1, TS2, TR2, or TR4

  • Double Duty Air Boom Spreader

  • Hydra Spray System with booms up to 132-ft

Mechanical, All Wheel Drive Any Season & Any Field

Mechanical All-Wheel Drive. 

The Prowler boasts the industry’s most powerful engines, and its all-mechanical design puts more usable horsepower to the ground than the leading competitor. The Cummins Stage V QSL9 380-hp or the B6.7 325-hp engine is paired with a Funk DF250 Electronic
Transmission so you’ll never be without the field gear you need. 

But on the most challenging days, you will need more than just horsepower. The Prowler offers the industry’s best full-time, all-wheel-drive chassis, complete with a torque converter drive with lock-up and a self-locking, no spin inter-axle differential, so you will never worry about getting stuck, tackling steep hills, or conquering tough terrain.

4-Wheel Steer. 

A tight 15.5-foot turning radius means you will leave fewer wheel tracks, reduce unnecessary crop damage during turns, experience smoother turns, and ultimately see an increase in your productivity and your yield.

Up to 64% More Flotation.

The standard tires increase flotation and reduce compaction by increasing your footprint without increasing your weight. Additionally, you will benefit from higher clearance and more stability, both in the field and on the road.

With road speeds up to 45 mph, you need tires that can handle the speed and handle the load so you can quickly and safely get to the field. Plus, we don’t de-rate driving speeds while loaded, so you can spend more time in the field and less time getting there.

More than just a Cab

The Claas Deluxe X11 is designed to take care of the hard work so you don’t have to. From the moment you sit, you’ll have access to comprehensive technical diagnostic data at your fingertips, plus all of this:

  • Refrigerated Training Seat

  • Front Lighting System with Dual Beacon Lights 

  • Rear Lights

  • Dual Heated Electronic Mirrors

  • Adjustable Control Console

  • All leather interior complete with  heated and air conditioned seat

  • Optimal air conditioning and integrated climate control

  • CAN backlit control switches on a fully adjustable arm

  • Front sun visor with side and rear curtains

  • Premium LCD screen and AM/FM/BT radio with Dolby surround sound system

  • Cat 4 carbon filter—protects your health while you cruise through the day
  • Large double tilt and telescoping steering wheel—unrivaled control

  • 5 decibel noise reduction

  • Foot rest

Double Duty–No Body Does it Better!

Only the GVM Double Duty spreader provides a repeatable, predictable, and consistent pattern, every pass. The Double Duty spreads a guaranteed flat, 90- to 105-foot pattern without time-consuming spinner or funnel/chute adjustments between materials or rates. A 120-foot pattern can be achieved with some materials. Pinpoint product control and its widespread pattern allow the Double Duty to spread more acres annually with less compaction, less fuel, and fewer stops to maximize your productivity and profitability.

The Double Duty Twin Chain adds section control to the Double Duty’s already impressive spread. The addition of twin chains and adjustable vanes in the funnel offer up to four-section swath-width control, half-width spreading, and true single side shutoff with on-the-go adjustability, perfect for waterways, point rows, and boundary spreading. The design minimizes moving parts to keep setup and operation simple, so you can spread in confidence, ensuring you’re applying the correct rate in the right place.

  • Single product with multi-product options

  • 90-105 ft  guaranteed flat pattern with granular fertilizer

  • Up to 120 ft spread pattern with some materials

  • Spreads fertilizer, gypsum, lime, compost, & most litters

  • 34 in. wide belt-over-chain conveyor for even flow to spinners & to avoid bridging when spreading lime or litter

  • Constant spread pattern, ability to automate spinner speeds within 3%

  • Patented funnel divider forces material to spinners with pinpoint control

  • 12 ton struck capacity

  • 304 SS 

  • Rear camera

  • Twin Chain for 4-section swath width control, optional

Different method …same results Double Duty Air

Spinner Spreaders vs. Air Boom Spreaders. There doesn’t need to be a debate when there are two great choices Built to Last by GVM. The Double Duty Air joins the lineup of options for the T380 Prowler and is a great choice for those who demand a high level of precision when applying dry fertilizers. Improve your speed, accuracy, and return on investment with air boom technology and the four-season functionality of the GVM T380 Prowler.​

  • 13 ft x 78 in. wide, 2- or 3-compartment painted 409 stainless steel body with 350 ft³ capacity

  • 60 or 72 ft, 304 stainless steel air booms, hydraulic tilt and fold

  • Dual 16 in. stainless steel conveyor chains

  • ISO rate controller

  • Metering system for micronutrient bin

  • Electric tarp

Double Duty pneumatic spreader
Spend more time Spraying and less time filling

Offering one of the largest capacity sprayers in the industry at 1800 gallons with up to 132-foot booms, the Prowler is designed to let you work longer before filling up, to maximize your profitability. 

With a commitment to improving efficiency and consistency in application, the Prowler comes standard with a 15-section Altek air shutoff or an optional 15-section Raven Hawkeye system for precise product placement. 

GVM’s spray systems are rugged, built for durability, and our heavy-duty booms are designed to fully protect your nozzle bodies. Direct injection and suspension fertilizer packages further enhance the Prowler’s versatility.

Standard System​

  • 1800 U.S. gal. capacity

  • 100 U.S. gal. freshwater tank

  • Self-leveling, Parallel Links adjustable back rack

  • Altek 15-section air shutoff, individual nozzle control

  • Pump and boom pressure gauge 

  • Air boom blowout system 

  • 1-in. SS boom lines, 2-180 gpm output

  • Rear camera

Direct Injection

  • Up to four SS chemical injection or water pods

  • Allows operators to easily switch between fields and applications

  • Eliminates pre-mixing and the chance of cross-contamination

  • Allows chemical concentrations to be adjusted on the go


Additional Options

  • 1600 U.S. gal. tank ILOS

  • 16-section Raven Hawkeye Accuboom shut-off nozzle

  • Fence row nozzles

  • Foam markers

  • SS eductor

  • Nozzle boxes & utility cabinets

  • Hydraulic pressure washer

  • 65 U.S. gal pressurized freshwater tank

Optional Equipment Ideal for Organics

Stoltzfus Boom Spreader

  • 13 foot dry litter boom spreader, 340 cubic foot capacity

  • 409 SS construction

  • 32 foot boom spread width

  • 5-68 inch sections on 80 inch centers

Boom Options 

  • GVM Center Line steel booms

    • 60/80 ft or 60/90 ft

    • 20 or 20/30 in. nozzle spacing

    • Fully protected nozzles

  • Pommier aluminum booms

    • 65/100, 65/120 ft, or 65/132 ft

    • 20 or 20/30 in. nozzle spacing

Suspension Fertilizer Package   

  • 2 in. SS lines, output up to 300 gpm

  • 3 in. Ace pump system

  • Richway 30 in. boom package w/ suck-in

  • 2 in. Mag Meter

  • Blow out system

Precision Options 

  • Raven G-II UltraGlide AutoBoom

  • ISO Greentronics boom height control

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