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Double Duty Series Spreaders

Double Duty–No Body Does it Better!

Only the GVM Double Duty spreaders provide a repeatable, predictable, and consistent spread pattern, every time. The Double Duty spreads a guaranteed 90- to 105-foot pattern without time-consuming spinner, funnel, or chute adjustments between materials or rates. A 120-foot pattern can be achieved with some materials. The Double Duty’s unique patented funnel design precisely directs material to the same location on the spinner disc, every time, ensuring a consistent and accurate spread pattern. In the field quick change-over times from lime to fertilizer with very few tools, qualify the Double Duty Standard Rotation Series as the superior granular spreader on the market today. Pinpoint product control and its widespread pattern allow the Double Duty to spread more acres annually with less compaction, less fuel, and fewer stops to maximize your productivity and profitability. The Double Duty line of spreaders can be installed on any chassis to offer the industry’s best-in-class spread pattern.

The Double Duty Standard Rotation spreader offers the flexibility to match the spreader technology to the material, management needs, and spreader preferences of the end-user. The new patented funnel design facilitates a quick funnel conversion between fertilizer and lime spreading configurations, depending on the applicator’s preference, explicitly designed to outperform the industry’s standard rotation. The Double Duty Standard Rotation spreader tubs can be configured with a single or dual drag to provide up to 2 section spreader control. The twin chain 2 section control is automatically integrated with the application controller technology. The Double Duty Standard Rotation line of spreaders can be installed on any chassis to offer the industry’s best-in-class spread pattern.

The Double Duty Twin Chain adds section control to the Double Duty’s already impressive spread. The addition of twin chains and adjustable vanes in the funnel offer up to four-section swath-width control, half-width spreading, and true single side shutoff with on-the-go adjustability, perfect for waterways, point rows, and boundary spreading. The design minimizes moving parts to keep setup and operation simple, so you can spread in confidence, ensuring you’re applying the correct rate in the right place.

  • Single product with multi-product options

  • Twin Chain for 2- or 4-section swath width control

  • All 304 stainless steel body construction 

  • 90-105 ft guaranteed flat pattern with granular fertilizer

  • Up to 120 ft spread pattern with some materials

  • Spreads fertilizer, gypsum, lime, compost, & most litters

  • 34 in. wide belt-over-chain conveyor for even flow to spinners & to avoid bridging when spreading lime or litter

  • Constant spread pattern, ability to automate spinner speeds within 3%

  • Patented funnel divider forces material to spinners with pinpoint control

  • Multiple capacities to fit any machine:

    • 3.5T, 124 ft³ (3.5 m³) struck capacity

    • 8.0T, 250 ft³ (7.1 m³) struck capacity

    • 9.5T, 305 ft³ (8.6 m³) struck capacity 

    • 11.0T, 330 ft³ (9.3 m³) struck capacity

  • Rear camera

Different method …same results Double Duty Air

Spinner Spreaders vs. Air Boom Spreaders. There doesn’t need to be a debate when there are two great choices Built to Last by GVM. The Double Duty Air joins the lineup of options for the T380 Prowler and is a great choice for those who demand a high level of precision when applying dry fertilizers. Improve your speed, accuracy, and return on investment with air boom technology and the four-season functionality of the GVM T380 Prowler.​

  • 13 ft x 78 in. wide, 2- or 3-compartment painted 409 stainless steel body with 350 ft³ capacity

  • 60 or 72 ft, 304 stainless steel air booms, hydraulic tilt and fold

  • Dual 16 in. stainless steel conveyor chains

  • ISO rate controller

  • Metering system for micronutrient bin

  • Electric tarp

Double Duty Specs  
  • Control system offers special features for controlling the 34 in. belt-over-chain drag to ground speed regardless of varying terrain

  • Ability to automate spinner speeds within 3%

  • Viper DGPS controller

  • 55 gal. PWM hydraulic system spreads rates as low as 100 lb fertilizer per acre and as high as of over 3 ton of lime per acre at speeds over 12 mph

  • Raven 180 count sensor, 40 gal. hydraulic reservoir, 12V cooler and pressure relief valve system

  • Patented PWM controlled, 24 in. 304 stainless steel spinner design

  • Commercial heavy-duty gear motors with double bearing output shafts are bottom mounted to a ¼ in. 304 stainless steel spinner nest assembly

  • Standard quick-change 304 stainless steel uniquely designed lime and fertilizer funnel with hillside divider

  • No. 4, 34 in. belt-over-chain conveyor system

  • Heavy-duty pintle chain

  • Multi-ply belt riveted (5 rivets per crossbar) to the crossbars

  • Solid rubber sealer strips

  • Twin-line chain oiler with clear sight-gauge tubing

  • Inverted removable V-shield reduces chance of bridging and protects the conveyor system (9.5T and 11.0T models only)
  • Rawson 6:1 reduction dual-pinion spur gear drive with two hydraulic Charlyn motors drives the conveyor chain
  • All 304 stainless steel or painted 409 stainless steel body construction

  • 10 gauge hopper

  • 7 gauge subframe

  • 4 x 2 x 3/16 in. stainless steel cross tubes (mild steel cross members on the 409 SS construction)

  • Four point attach locations for full flotation combo mount

  • Bolt-in rear end gate matches the steel of the spreader

  • Multiple capacities to fit any machine:

    • 3.5T, 124 ft³ (3.5 m³) struck capacity

    • 8.0T, 250 ft³ (7.1 m³) struck capacity

    • 9.5T, 305 ft³ (8.6 m³) struck capacity 

    • 11.0T, 330 ft³ (9.3 m³) struck capacity

  • Raven or Ag Leader controller and GPS​

  • All stainless steel fenders with mud flaps

  • Brand PWM control with 180-count rate sensor and CAN node

  • Bin level sensors

  • DOT LED side marker lights and rear LED 3 light, lightbar, LED Tail Light Kit, trailer plug, and backup alarm  

  • Stainless steel bi-fold ladder

  • Frame cover, 304 stainless steel (underbody panel recommended)

  • Fusion Cable-Lok Roll Tarp with stainless bows

  • Fusion Electric Cable-Lok Roll Tarp with transmitter and stainless bows

Multi-Product Fusion Insert

  • Dimensions:

    • 5 ft x 102 in. wide

    • 7 ft x 102 in. wide, peaked ends

  • Capacities:

    • 5 ft: 3 ton, 95 ft³

    • 7 ft: 3.5 ton, 133 ft³

  • Dual hopper removable insert to simultaneously spread up to 2 products

  • Twin hoppers are at even heights for easy loading and roll tarp installation

  • Constructed of all 304 stainless steel

  • PWM fast close drag valve with conveyor rate sensor and bin level sensor

  • 6 ft conveyor slides in from rear, insert drop in from the top

Double Duty Series Brochure
Pull-Type Spreaders

The GVM Double Duty Spreader line offers unique control systems and the widest, most accurate spreading pattern in the industry, regardless of varying terrain. Its unique spinner design and the ability to automate spinner speeds within three percent, the Double Duty always maintains a constant spread pattern.

The Double Duty’s wide and accurate spread pattern is due to it's patented, reverse rotating spinners and the pre-adjusted funnel, which forces material to fall directly onto the spinner disc. The Double Duty offers a guaranteed 90-105 foot spread pattern at a less than 15% coefficient of variation with granular fertilizer. Its wider spread pattern allows you to make fewer trips through the field, to minimize compaction and reduce fuel consumption.

Featuring a 34-inch wide belt-over-chain conveyor the Double Duty spreader provides an even flow to the spinners with no bridging when spreading lime or litter. Its patented funnel divider allows material to flow to the spinners with pin-point control and 24-inch computer-controlled spinners maintain consistency and accuracy.

GVM Double Duty TS2 Pull Type
  • Multiple capacities available:

    • 8.0T, 250 ft³ (7.1 m³) struck capacity

    • 9.5T, 305 ft³ (8.6 m³) struck capacity 

    • 11.0T, 330 ft³ (9.3 m³) struck capacity

  • Single or Twin Chain

  • Standard or Reverse Rotation

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