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Automated Brine Systems

2022 Infrastructure Award Winner

GVM’s Automated Brine Systems are designed to convert dry rock salt into liquid for pre-wetting or anti-icing roadways. The use of salt brine lowers the freezing point of snow and ice and has become a popular and cost-effective solution for managing roadways. GVM's Automated Brine Systems lower operation costs by using readily available materials; granular salt and tap water.

GVM offers several systems to quickly and easily manufacture salt brine.

EZ Brine Systems (EBS) 

GVM’s automatic EZ Brine Systems are quick, easy, and accurate solution for manufacturing salt brine and custom chemical blends. Flexible enough to meet the needs of any organization, the EZ Brine can be used as a batch system to produce blends on an as-needed basis or as a continuous manufacturing system to ensure your blend is always available. In addition to salt brine, the EZ Brine can blend up to three different micro-ingredients allowing users to produce custom blends to work at various temperatures. Additives and micro-ingredients allow blends to work at lower temperatures and often for longer periods of time. 

The programmable controller computer is simple to operate and helps to guide the user through the process. The system constantly monitors salinity and pump performance in addition to logging brine production data. Built in WiFi allows for easy remote monitoring and the built-in printer is an added convenience to quickly print logged data. 

EBS EZ Brine System
  • Produces up to 6,000 gal. of brine per hour (depending on water source) 

  • Built in computer for easy programing, remote monitoring, and data logging

  • Mix brine and up to 3 micro-ingredients, injected on a continuous basis, as programmed by the user

  • Continuous or batch style production

  • 304 SS mix tank, with skid-style base 

  • 7.6 cu yard salt capacity V-bottom tank

  • 88 in. wide top opening for easy loading

  • Top mounted spray bars for rapid saturation of salt and easy tank clean out

  • All controls mounted in a watertight and corrosion resistant enclosure

  • Scot 7.5 hp, 110 gpm @ 3500 rpm, all SS centrifugal pump

  • EZ Brine Roll Off System is a self-contained unit that is installed in one platform. 

Brine Production Systems (BPS)

GVM’s Brine Production System lowers operation costs by using readily available materials; granular salt and tap water. They are capable of producing up to 5,000 gallons of brine per hour, depending on the water source.

The Brine Production System allows users to pump manufactured brine from the brine maker to a storage tank as well as use the storage tank as a fill station to fill truck mounted tanks without adjusting or  moving hoses. The system also allows users to load and unload truck mounted pre-wet tanks and large anti-icing tanks.​

  • Can cut salt usage by 33% or more 

  • 1500 gallon tank

  • Stainless steel tank divider separates manufactured brine for pumping to storage tanks or truck mounted tanks

  • Hot dip galvanized structural steel frame meets ASTM specification A-123 for corrosion protection
  • 5 cu yd salt capacity

  • 90 x 60 in. wide top opening accommodates front-end loader bucket

  • 3 hp single speed 230V pump, up to 180 gpm

Brine Production System
Tanks & Accessories

Vertical Tanks

White or Blue Vertical Storage Tanks are most frequently used for our Pedestal Pre-Wet Systems. Norwesco vertical tanks feature tie-down slots, built-in graduated gallon indicators, an offset fill-opening and a self-vented, slosh-proof lid.

Steel Supports & Accessories for Leg Tanks 

Norwesco bands are custom made to support their tanks and are galvanized or powder coated for added corrosion protection. Bands are necessary to ensure that the tank retains its shape and integrity.

High-Density Polyethylene Lids 

The hinged lid is manufactured from a copolymer material for strength, durability, and excellent chemical resistance. Its unique locking tab allows you to easily slip a padlock through it and secures the lid from theft or spills. The lid is interchangeable with a standard 16 in. lid and ring assembly, if you choose to replace your existing lid.

  • Easy open/close - opens a full 180°

  • Comes complete with a baffle vent assembly which allows for adequate venting when bottom filling your tank

  • Unique locking tab

  • All parts of lid may be ordered as repair parts


Tank Repair Kits & Tank Accessories

The tank repair kit includes a specially formulated welding wire containing copolymers and adhesives. The wire may be used to repair linear polyethylene. Easy to use and requires 110-volt power.

Cone Bottom Tanks   

Norwesco offers a wide range of cone bottom tanks designed for a our brine making systems. The cone shaped bottoms lend to quick and complete drainage. As with all Norwesco tanks, these tanks are molded of rugged, high density polyethylene and are both impact and chemical resistant.

Polypropylene Bulkhead Fittings/EPDM or Viton Gaskets       

Norwesco’s polypropylene fittings come standard with an EPDM gasket. Viton gaskets are available as an option when EPDM may not be suitable for your application. The 2 inch stainless steel bulkhead fitting comes standard without a gasket. 

Containment Basin   

Limit your liability by using a Norwesco polyethylene containment tank. Federal, state, and local agencies are enforcing stringent rules and regulations regarding spills, leaks, and overflows from primary containment tanks. Containment basins and tanks are impact and corrosion resistant and are molded as a one-piece, seamless unit. The 125 cone bottom style is a “Tank In A Tank”; the 140, 250, 360, 500, 600 and 1300 gallon sizes are “basin style”; the 1350 is an open top tank and the 2050 and 2800 “Tank In A Tank” are molded with a dome that can be cut off to enable it to be used as a containment tank.

PLEASE NOTE: Tank availability may vary. Tank dimensions and capacities may vary slightly and are subject to change without notice. Call for details /or quotes.

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