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Direct Application Systems

2022 Infrastructure Award Winner
Direct Application Systems (DAS)

GVM’s Direct Application Systems are designed to spray anti-icing liquids directly onto road surfaces. Direct Application Systems are available in a wide range of sizes and styles, to fit any fleet or budget. They can be mounted to ATV’s, tractors, pick-up trucks, roll off trucks, and dump trucks. Direct Application Systems can also be used for dust control on unpaved surfaces. All Direct Application Systems are constructed of hot dip galvanized steel for corrosion resistance and include a solution tank made of rotationally molded, high density, UV stabilized polyethylene, designed to hold material with specific gravity up to 16 pounds per gallon.

Anti-Icing Benefits

  • Increases melting power of salt/sand

  • Reduces salt usage by 33% or more

  • Gets salt to pavement faster

  • Makes the truckload go further

  • Return on setup cost in one season

  • Add-on system to directly apply anti-icing or de-icing liquids

  • Frames constructed of hot dipped galvanized steel for corrosion protection, or optional stainless steel

  • 125-3400 gallon systems available

  • Easy load and unload features

  • Hook-lift system, skid-mounted system or trailer system

  • Free standing carrier frame made of hot dip galvanized steel

  • 1, 2, or 3 lane coverage spray bar

  • On/off controller in cab

  • Ground speed control options

  • 200 GPM Hydraulic pump, Vanguard B/S gas engine pump, 6.5 hp, or 12V 2x2 Electric Pump

DAS Direct Application System
Tank Options  

Norwesco is the leading North American manufacturer of rotationally molded polyethylene tanks. Norwesco was founded in 1939 in St. Paul, Minnesota with the name of Northwest Plastics, Inc. The name was changed around 1973 and was then was ranked as one of the oldest and largest plastic processors in the United States.

Norwesco maintains the highest levels of product quality and customer service. Their objective is to continue to provide these valued traits to the customer to maintain a position as the industry leader in the polyethylene tank market.

PLEASE NOTE: Tank availability may vary. Tank dimensions and capacities may vary slightly and are subject to change without notice. Anti-icing systems are available in specific size tanks—call for details /or quotes.

Elliptical Leg Tanks

This elliptical tank style is designed to provide the largest capacity with the lowest center of gravity, making it the most reliable design available for transporting larger volumes. Norwesco elliptical tanks feature molded-in legs that act as “baffles” to aid in the reduction of sloshing and to provide increased stability in transit.

All Norwesco elliptical leg tanks require full-length bottom support and support band (see tank accessories)*

Horizontal Leg Tanks

Horizontal leg tanks are used primarily for anti-icing applications within the snow industry, Norwesco’s leg tanks feature molded-in legs that act as “baffles” to help to reduce sloshing.

Tank Accessories  

Steel Supports & Accessories for Leg Tanks

Norwesco bands are custom made to support their tanks and are galvanized or powder coated for added corrosion protection. Bands are necessary to ensure that the tank retains its shape and integrity.

High-Density Polyethylene Lids   

The hinged lid is manufactured from a copolymer material for strength, durability, and excellent chemical resistance. Its unique locking tab allows you to easily slip a padlock through it and secures the lid from theft or spills. The lid is interchangeable with a standard 16 in. lid and ring assembly, if you choose to replace your existing lid.

  • Easy open/close - opens a full 180°

  • Comes complete with a baffle vent assembly which allows for adequate venting when bottom filling your tank

  • Unique locking tab

  • All parts of lid may be ordered as repair parts


Tank Repair Kits & Tank Accessories

The tank repair kit includes a specially formulated welding wire containing copolymers and adhesives. The wire may be used to repair linear polyethylene. Easy to use and requires 110-volt power.

Polypropylene Bulkhead Fittings/EPDM or Viton Gaskets 

Norwesco’s polypropylene fittings come standard with an EPDM gasket. Viton gaskets are available as an option when EPDM may not be suitable for your application. The 2 inch stainless steel bulkhead fitting comes standard without a gasket.

Containment Basin     

Limit your liability by using a Norwesco polyethylene containment tank. Federal, state, and local agencies are enforcing stringent rules and regulations regarding spills, leaks, and overflows from primary containment tanks. Containment basins and tanks are impact and corrosion resistant and are molded as a one-piece, seamless unit. The 125 cone bottom style is a “Tank In A Tank”; the 140, 250, 360, 500, 600 and 1300 gallon sizes are “basin style”; the 1350 is an open top tank and the 2050 and 2800 “Tank In A Tank” are molded with a dome that can be cut off to enable it to be used as a containment tank

Optional Accessories  

Micro-Trak RoadMaster

The RoadMaster™ is a multi-purpose electronic control system with a range of applications. Highway maintenance uses include regulating the flow of: liquid de-icer and anti-icers, roadside spray products, as well as, dust-control agents. Raise your profitability by maintaining exact application rates of these valuable products. Available in a PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) version.

  • Four Operating Modes

  • Selectable Servo Drive Options

  • Built-in VRA/AVL Communications

  • Large Downloadable Data List

  • Blast Switch

  • Keylock Switch

  • Built-in Alarm Messages

  • Built-in Audible Alarm

  • Emergency Stop

Baffle Balls for Liquid Surge Protection

Save money by reducing fuel and maintenance costs. Baffle Balls are the most effective solution for eliminating sloshing in transport tanks.

  • Reduce fluid movement for improved load stability during transit

  • Suitable for use with all tanks: steel, poly, fiberglass, aluminum, etc.

  • Food grade quality material, suitable for use with potable water

  • Baffle Balls can be used with water, diesel & many other liquids

  • Simple to install, just clip together & place inside tank

  • Rust Resistant, lightweight, & durable

  • Low liquid displacement

  • Large ball displaces 14 oz & weighs only 0.8 lb

  • Small ball displaces 5 oz & weighs only 0.25 lb

  • Recommend use quantity:

  • 7.5 in.: 1 baffle ball per 2 gal. of total tank capacity

  • 14 in.: 1 baffle ball per 10 gal. of total tank capacity

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Direct Application Systems
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Tank Accessories
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