T380 Prowler
  • T380 Prowler

    T380 Prowler

  • Spreading with Stoltzfus

  • Spreading with Stoltzfus

  • Double Duty Twin Chain

Mechanical, All-Wheel-Drive for Any Season, Any Field

Only the Prowler carries 12-tons or 1800-gallons with a footprint light enough to float on top of wet ground in early season. The perfect combination of a fully mechanical, all-wheel-drive chassis with near equal weight distribution paired with LSW tires allows the Prowler to offer more flotation than any other applicator - up to 64% more flotation. 

  • Tier 4F Cummins QSL9 380 hp engine
  • Funk 11-speed powershift transmission
  • Mechanical, all-wheel drive
  • Auto Steer Ready & ISO controls
  • In-cab diagnostic & monitoring system
  • LSW tires for higher clearance & lower compaction

Double Duty Spreader Body

  Stoltzfus Boom Spreader
  Ideal for Organics
  Additional Options
  •  13' granular spinner spreader,
    330 ft3 capacity
  • 90-105' pattern, guaranteed with granular fertilizer
  • 304 or 409 SS construction
  • Patented reverse rotating spinners & patented funnel divider for consistency in pattern
  • 13' dry litter boom spreader,
    340 ft3 capacity
  • 409 SS construction
  • 32' boom spread width
  • 5-68" sections on 80" centers
  • 4-Wheel Steer
  • Adjustable Axles
  • Double Duty spreader
  • Double Duty Twin Chain with section control
  • New Leader L4000G4, L4500G4
  • New Leader L5000 G5
  • Spray booms up to 120-ft