Multi-Grip Tire Handler

Get a Grip & Add Efficiency to Your Operation

GVM’s Multi-Grip Tire Handler was designed to allow users to quickly, safely, and efficiently change tires on application units. The tire handler is able to lift and maneuver tire and wheel assemblies weighing up to 2,000 pounds, and from 56 to 80 inches in diameter. Its universal mounting plate allows it to easily attach to any skid steer or front end loader with a universal mounting plate.

The Multi-Grip Tire Handler features three hydraulically operated gripping jaws, allowing it to easily center on the tire with a firm grip. The grabbing assembly swivels approximately 60 degrees, allowing users to easily align the wheel with the studs or wheel bolt holes on the hub. Depending on the abilities of the front-end loader, users have the ability to pick tires up from a flat position on the ground, rotate them to a vertical position, and easily mount onto the application unit.

Standard, 56-82 in. range $3,990 or Large, 63-90 in. range $4,300


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