GVM is the leading innovator in precision spinner spreading technology. GVM’s TranSpread was the first in the industry to spread fertilizer wider than 60 ft with a never before seen 90 ft flat pattern. GVM’s 90 ft flat pattern is due to our patented, reverse rotating spinner design. Our unique spinner design throws material further than any other spreader and minimizes fines.

The TranSpread is available in three different models, to suit every field type. It allows you to cover more acres in a day, which ultimately saves time, minimizes field compaction and minimizes fuel consumption.

General Specifications  

  • 304 stainless steel construction

  • Spreads lime, gypsum, fowl manure, and fertilizer

  • Adjustable spread pattern:

    • Lime: 35-50 ft

    • Fertilizer: 60-90 ft

  • Drag Belt: 33 in. wide continuous loop cleated rubber belt, 225 psi capacity

  • No spinner blade or tray adjustments

  • Top mounted dual hydraulic driven dished spinners

  • 12 gauge construction; 22.5 in. dished SS spinners

  • Fold up rear spinner deflectors for spreading lime

  • Low profile for easy loading

  • Low center of gravity for spreading on hillsides

Computer Spread  


  • PWM controlled Rawson 6:1 reduction dual-pinion spur gear drive with two hydraulic driven motors

  • Raven Dual CAN node PWM automatic controller with drag and spinner control

  • Top mounted hydraulic Danfoss 50CC motors with grease enclosed spinner shafts

  • PWM spinner speed control from the computer

Controller and GPS Options

  • Raven ISO Node

  • Raven Viper4+ with 600S receiver

  • Ag Leader InCommand 800 with 6500 GPS, optional

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