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EZ Rider

The GVM EZ Rider is your perfect solution for controlling snow and ice during the winter months. Use the EZ Rider to apply anti-icing liquids before a storm or to apply dry or pre-wet granulated materials after the storm.

The versatile EZ Rider is the only self-propelled, stand-on applicator build of all stainless steel to minimize corrosion and extend its life for years. Its hydraulic drive allows for variable spinner speeds, and spread widths of 3-10 feet. Adjusting spread widths down to three feet is ideal for sidewalks, while the wider 10-foot pattern works well for parking lots and garages. This low clearance machine features easy maneuverability, a tight, 13-foot turning radius and a front mounted work light for night applications.

This multi-purpose machine is a great solution for universities and landscapers as it can be used to provide safe, clear grounds and to spread fertilizer and pelletized lime.

Versatility & Maneuverability  

The GVM EZ Rider was designed to provide maximum versatility and offers three application options.

Option 1: Spread granular material

The EZ Rider’s powder coated hopper can hold 300 lb of any granular de-icing material. Its unique spinner design allows the EZ Rider to spread material 3-10 ft in an accurate, consistent pattern and rate.

Option 2: Spread pre-wet granular material

In addition to spreading granular de-icing materials, the EZ Rider can pre-wet the material directly at the spinner. Pre-wetting material allows products to begin working immediately and at lower temperatures.

Option 3: Spray anti-icing liquid

The GVM EZ Rider also features a 30 gallon liquid tank and spray nozzles in the rear of the machine to spray anti-icing or de-icing liquids up to three feet.

Additional functionality: After the snow season is over, the EZ Rider can be used to spread pelletized lime and fertilizer for landscape applications.

The EZ Rider is the perfect solution for areas that require a tight turning radius and for hard-to-get-to places.

  • 13 ft turning radius

  • 35 in. wide, fits through standard gate openings

Controls & Options  

Easy-to-access rocker switches and hand controls make the EZ Rider an extremely simple machine to operate. Forward and reverse movement is controlled by a simple hand lever.

To engage the granular portion of the spreader, simply push a lever to open the bin above the spinner. The detent lever allows for three distinct application rate settings. Pre-wetting granular material is achieved by pressing the rocker switch on the panel. To begin an anti-icing operation with liquid, just divert the flow of liquid from the spinner to the spray bar at the rear of the EZ Rider.



  • All 304 stainless steel, rust resistant frame

  • 409 painted stainless steel hopper

  • 560 lb unloaded

  • 13 ft turning radius


Dry System

  • 300+ lb granular capacity

  • Adjustable 3-10 ft spread pattern

Liquid System

  • 30 gallon liquid capacity

  • 3 ft spray pattern


  • 12.5 hp Briggs & Stratton engine with electric start or 13 hp Honda engine with electric start optional

  • 16 amp alternator

  • Variable speed, hydrostatic drivetrain

  • Hydraulic spinner and agitator

  • 45 psi 3.0 gpm pump

  • .61 gallon fuel capacity

  • Maximum speed, 5 mph forward, 2 mph reverse

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Versatility & Maneuverablity
Controls & Options
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