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    9275 Cab

The 9275 Prowler is one of the most unique and versatile pieces of agricultural equipment on the market today. Nothing looks, performs, or increases your profitability like a Prowler.

The Prowler was designed to complement any fleet and to help its owner earn the highest potential profit. It is a mechanically driven machine, providing faster road speeds, fuel efficiency, and more horsepower to the ground.

The 9275 Prowler will replace multiple machines, and as a combo unit, it will produce more income than any other applicator on the market today. Engineered to have an equal weight distribution and reduce soil compaction, the Prowler floats on top of the ground, even in the wettest conditions. This versatile machine can be used in any of field conditions all year long. Row crop tires allow the Prowler to operate into the post season, extending the machines use into the summer months as a post emergence sprayer.

  • Immediate Savings: One machine provides four season versatility.
    In addition to only one machine purchase, the Prowler allows you to avoid paying maintenance and depreciation costs on multiple machines, immediately lowering your cost of ownership.
  • Time savings: Higher road speeds allow you to cover more acres in a day.
  • Fuel savings: The fuel efficient mechanical drive train reduces operating costs.

The Prowler offers multiple types of savings that ultimately add to your bottom line, increasing your Return on Investment.

GVM Spray Systems

The GVM Spray System offers multiple sizes and boom widths to meet your specific needs. All systems are built with 304 stainless steel body and plumbing. The 9275 spray systems feature 15 or 20 inch spacing with 10 section AccuBoom. The nozzles can be shut off directly at the nozzle body to eliminate product waste. The 9275 Prowler is available with a 1450 or 1600 gallon stainless steel tank and 60/80, 70/90 or 65/120 ft booms.

Double Duty Fusion Ready

The GVM Double Duty spreader line offers unique control systems and the widest, most accurate spreading pattern in the industry. Its wide spread pattern is due to the patented, reverse rotating spinner and its accuracy is due to the pre-adjusted funnel forcing material to fall directly on the spinner disc.

  • Single product applicator
  • Spreads a guaranteed 90-105 ft pattern
  • Spreads fertilizer, gypsum, lime and most litters
  • 34 in. belt-over-chain conveyor
  • 9.5 ton, 305 cu ft struck capacity
  • Available in 304 or painted 409 stainless steel

New Leader L3220G4

  • Single product application
  • 30 in. belt-over-chain conveyor
  • Spreads lime 60 ft, fertilizer 60-105 ft pattern
  • Dished spinner design includes predetermined setting for fertilizer, urea, lime and wet lime
  • Application range: 75 lb of fertilizer to 6 tons of lime per acre
  • 12 ft, 255 cu ft struck capacity
  • 304 or 409 painted stainless steel

Multi-Product Options

Double Duty Fusion Insert New Leader MultApplier Insert
  • Bolt into the Double Duty body to apply 2 products
  • 3 ton capacity
  • Simultaneously spreads up to 2 products
  • Available in 5 ft, 115 cu ft and 7 ft, 161 cu ft
  • Available on the L3220G4
MicroBin New Leader MultiBin
  • Bolt into the Double Duty to apply up to 3 products
  • Add-on hopper allows you to spread granular micronutrients or seeds as a second or third product.
  • Stainless steel construction
  • 11 cu ft, 1100 lb struck capacity
  • Simultaneously spreads up to 4 products
  • Bin 2: 143 cu ft struck capacity
  • Bin 3: 23 cu ft struck capacity
  • Bin 4: 21 cu ft struck capacity
  • Available on the L3220G4

GVM’s 9275 Prowler features a spacious, pressurized, air-conditioned, air ride cab with 360 degree visibility. Its front and rear self leveling air ride suspension adds comfort to your ride, minimizing bouncing.

  • Tilt and telescoping steering
  • Air suspension seats
  • Back-lit rocker switches on right hand console
  • Ergonomic combo joystick
  • Integral hydro-style bump-shifting feel
  • Power View display and analog gauges showengine and transmission information are easily within view.


  • Mechanical drive train
  • Full time AWD
  • Powershift
  • 49 mph max transport/ road speed
  • 10 speeds forward/3 speeds reverse


  • Cummins QSB6.7 model engine
  • Tier 3, EPA emissions level
  • 275 horsepower
  • 6 cylinders
  • 409 cu in. (6.7L) displacement
  • 2,500 rpm governed high idle speed
  • 115 US gal. (325 L)  fuel tank
  • 17.25 qt (16.3 L) engine oil capacity


  • Funk DF250, 10-speed Electric Bump Shift
  • 10 US gal. (37.8 L) transmission oil capacity


  • 4 x 8 x 3/8 in. tubular frame
  • Length: 24 ft (7.3 m)
  • Wheel base: 164 in. (4 m)
  • Turning radius: 25 ft (7.6 m)
  • Primary brakes: air operated wedge drum brake
  • Parking brakes: Spring applied air release
  • Automatic ladder raise/lower
  • Liquid dry weight: 24,100 lb (10,941 kg)
  • Granular dry weight: 21,500 lb (9761 kg)
  • Maximum GVW: 44,000 lb (19,958 kg)


  • Patented Air Walk Self-Leveling Suspension
  • Front axle: 18,000 lb, 4500 series Rockwell planetary with
    air lock differentials
  • Rear axle: 22,000 lb, 5000 series Rockwell planetary with
    air lock differentials
  • 27 in. of crop clearance
  • Row Crop Tires: 380/90R46 GoodYear Ultra Sprayer
  • Front Floater Tires: 650/75R32 GoodYear DynaTorque Radial
  • Rear Floater Tires: 800/75R32 GoodYear DynaTorque Radial
  • Track Widths
    • 114 in. axle, 121/108 or 112/117 inch
    • 100 in. axle, 92/110 inch

Dry System

  • 250/305 cu ft (7.1/8.5 cu. m) NL/DD capacity
  • 90-105 ft (27-32 m) spread width
  • 108 in. (2.7 m) load height
  • Double Duty FR, New Leader L3220 G4 MR, 304 SS or painted 409 SS

Liquid System

  • 1450 or 1600 U.S. gal. (5488 or 6065 L) capacity
  • Stainless steel tank
  • High volume Hypro 9306C pump standard, Scot High Volume Suspension optional
  • 3 in. quick fill
  • Electric agitation with pressure monitored
  • Banjo 50 mesh t-strainer pressure strainer

Boom Options

  • 60/80, 70/90, 70/100, 65/120 or 120 ft boom widths
  • Stainless steel plumbing
  • Breakaway width:  6.7 ft (2 m)
  • 5 boom sections
  • 12, 20 or 30 in. nozzle spacing
  • Electric agitation with pressure monitored
  • Banjo 50 mesh t-strainer pressure strainer

Precision Options

  • Raven or Ag Leader rate controller
  • AgriWAVE optional